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ProEuropean Trading GmbH, based in Germany, is a leading project management company of innovation & technology projects in the green energy sector, specialized in Research & Innovation in Green H2, Installation & Delivery of Turnkey Power Station Projects, Project Structuring & Planning & Project Finance, and plays a key role in integrating the latest technological advances in the generation and distribution of Green H2 and implementing them into power generation projects, focusing on production and distribution. 

ProEuropean's largest H2 project is H2Crete: 100MW green hydrogen project, generating Green H2 from RES and sea water. The Project will be implemented in the island of Crete, Greece. H2CRETE's objective is to build a cost-effective Green H2 Hub in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, turning Crete in the structural pillar of entry, transmission, and distribution of energy power from North Africa to Europe through Public Mobility, Navy, Export, and Power Generation. 

The area where H2Crete is designed to be constructed, Atherinolakos area, has been awarded to host two Horizon Europe funded Hydrogen Valleys supporting the development and operation of cutting- edge H2 technologies, entering Crete and Greece into the vigorous energy transition map towards a Hydrogen based economy.


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    ProEuropean Trading GmbH specializes in green hydrogen technology and turnkey power station projects. Led by experienced executives, the company produces and distributes clean energy through local grids and pipelines in several European countries.
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    H2Crete Valley is a renewable energy project implemented in the island of Crete.

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