ProEuropean Trading GmbH is a European project management company at the leading edge of innovation & technology in the green energy sector. The company is specialized on the following six key sectors:

  • Research & Innovation in Green Hydrogen Technology
  • Implementation of Leading Edge Technologies
  • Installation & Delivery of Turnkey Power Station Projects
  • Project Structuring & Planning
  • Project Finance
  • Project Management

The company plays a key role in integrating the latest technological advances in the generation and distribution of green hydrogen energy and implementing them into power generation projects. The company is led by an experienced team of corporate executives from project management, banking, finance, audit, and technology, with a track record in successfully managing energy projects. ProEuropean is focusing on the production and distribution of green hydrogen through power generation projects using real-time, on-site synthesis and production of clean hydrogen from fresh water and the subsequent generation and distribution of clean energy through the local grid and pipeline network. 

ProEuropean GmbH established in 2016 and transferred to current shareholders in 2019 for the purpose of green energy projects implementation. ProEuropean is the official representative of Wpp energy for green innovative technologies in Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria. Based on that collaboration agreement ProEuropean join forces with WPP Energy by structuring a cooperation through a 36-month preparatory diligence process of technology evaluation, progress monitoring and contractual conclusion, for the purpose of investing into the infrastructure and commercialisation of large-scale hydrogen projects. ProEuropean GmbH is responsible for the implementation of such hydrogen energy projects currently for 17 private clients including agricultural production, greenhouses, hotels, industrial export company, RES production companies (wind and solar parks), for Energy production, mostly based in Greece.

ProEuropean Trading GmbH, as the official representative of WPP energy for green hydrogen and waste to energy solutions.comprised of 20 employees is dedicated to playing a leading part in the European Energy Transformation to carbon neutrality and a climate-neutral economy by 2050.We do so by driving the development, construction, and implementation of clean energy pilot projects across Europe. We focus on optimizing highly innovative deep decarbonization solutions in industrial sectors, leading to a significant reduction of C02 emissions to an eventual goal of zero carbon emissions.

Our contribution is to take the production and distribution of green hydrogen cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient. We are making hydrogen production profitable by: 

• Commercializing research, and bringing the latest technologies in efficient clean hydrogen production to market

• Reducing end-user infrastructure costs

• Bringing commercial viability through industrial production of green energy

• Supporting innovative electrification projects

Our innovative approach in green hydrogen production gives our partners a significant competitive advantage in achieving the collective European goal of zero carbon emissions.


As a European technology integration and project planning office, the strength of ProEuropean rests on our global network of partnerships and alliances. The team has used the past 10 years to build a network of the leading technology and research institutions in the area of clean hydrogen production. Through the strength of these technological alliances and exclusive licensing agreements, ProEuropean ensures that we constantly bring the latest technologies to market. ProEuropean has furthermore teamed with the leading global power generation technology companies to implement these technological advances directly into regional clean power generation projects benefiting our regional energy partners and communities

ProEuropean GmbH holds the unique suitability for implementing the project due to a reasons that can be framed under the 35 years lease land contract of the specific land site -which has played a catalytic role on the selecting process of the investment in subject due to the unique geopolitical suitability, and also holds local political routs in preparing the local authorities grounds through long term relationship management of local and legal authorities, which play a catalytic role for the successful implementation and delivery of such size energy project. What is more, ProEuropean GmbH, as part of the JV with WPP Energy is a major stakeholder of the hydrogen energy technological solution to be applied and commercialilsed.