WPP is in the process of developing a groundbreaking Hydrogen Generator and a Hydrogen-Fired Power Generation system that produces environmentally friendly and low cost energy using fuel from an in-exhaustible source (water) that will help address the environmental, economic, and social-cultural aspects of the earlier mentioned challenge currently faced by the power generation industry all over the world with the following salient points:

  1. The Power Generation System uses WPP’s innovative W2H2 hydrogen generator to convert fresh water (including desalinated seawater) into hydrogen fuel for use by a power plant. The W2H2 Hydrogen Generator consists of a multi-stage system that generates hydrogen gas by using these instruments in the following order: magnetic field, resonance frequency field, laser optical field.
  2. Since the Power Generation System burns hydrogen, it produces “zero” carbon emissions and instead produces environmentally friendly water vapor emissions with controlled amounts of NOx emissions which are created during the combustion process.
  3. When fresh water from large lakes or rivers or desalinated seawater is the source of hydrogen, there will be no concerns with the security of energy supply as either source is free and available, but more so with seawater as it is abundant and assuredly available for the use of all for the very long term.
  4. Finally, the W2H2 Power Generation System can utilize either a diesel genset/engine, compatible gas turbine or boiler burner to burn the low cost hydrogen gas to produce low cost electricity for the end-users at a high degree of reliability and availability like their fossil-fueled counterparts.

WPP’s W2H2 hydrogen generator is currently under research and development and is anticipated to be on the market in 2023. WPP is exploring small capacity power plant projects using either the diesel genset option, the gas turbine option, or boiler burners capable of burning 100% hydrogen. In the case where the client’s existing equipment is not compatible with Hydrogen, WPP offers a retrofit service.

WPP is fully capable of providing turnkey services for W2H2 power plant projects all over the world since it has numerous partnerships in place around the world with major equipment producers, power plant manufacturers/OEMs, engineering firms, and more than 3 dozen authorized WPP distributors globally, now serving over 50 countries.