VORAX, a scientific breakthrough in the ideal treatment of nearly all types of Waste such as MSW/Urban, Medical/Hazardous, Industrial, Pasty/Sludge, Liquid, Tires.

There are 12 different models of Vorax which have capacities ranging from 2 Tons of Waste per day to our largest model which can treat 400 Tons of Waste per day. Models from 22T/day and up also have steam power generation packages available to create electricity, demonstrating VORAX’s significant Waste to Energy (WtE) capability.

Vorax is in a technological classification and in the invention of DuoTherm technology which puts Vorax ahead of plasma, Incineration, Gasification and also traditional pyrolysis. 

Vorax is thought of as a quantum leap over traditional Pyrolysis in part because two thermal processes, one at 9000C and the other at 16000C, forming a thermal gradient, liquifying all solids completely,even inert materials such as sand or iron.

Vorax completely destroys the garbage effectively and safely, without combustion or an uxiliary equipment. Vorax requires no combustion of waste and disintegrates as a whole, completely destroying infectious, pathological and organochlorined materials, having as a solid byproduct a ceramic matrix (do not produce ashes) and inert in the bottom of the fusion module, with commercial application – the gases formed in the process have no dioxins or furans and are of low volume because they only arise from the disintegration of the material and not from combustion or gasification traditional processes. The fusion module, in turn, works in negative atmosphere, preventing gas leaks. The process is dry distillation of the waste, with absence of air, no combustion of waste, which provides extreme reduction of the exhaust gases as compared with conventional processes and, moreover, does not allow the formation of dioxins or furans, in view of lack of oxygen and high temperature. The garbage is not mixed with the atmospheric air and suffers a dry distillation, meaning it is completely disintegrated and liquified in the absence of air, which considerably reduces the formation of pollutants harmful to the environment and health, including carcinogens. The reduction in mass of organic waste in this process is by volume 100:1 up to 250:1, according to the category of waste processed.

 The gases formed inside the fusion module, are suddenly sucked and cooled (quench) to then be treated and neutralized in an immersion tank, alkaline. Last generation filters, coalbased activated, ensure that the emissions meet environmental standards. The fusion modul is not refractory, as in conventional models, except in the melting pot. Therefore, it is lightweight and low maintenance equipment, suitable for use in hospitals, factories, ships, among other places of waste treatment. For its operation, the Vorax – WTU DuoTherm only requires a 220V or 380V outlet.

The equipment allows to operate continuously or intermittently, as needed by the user. Its power consumption is low and purely electric – for example a 2T/day model consumes only 40kWh, depending on the category of garbage. 5 ton/day model shown below 3 Control and Operation of Vorax is automatic –

 After feeding no operator is required, from departure to the disconnection of its cycle. Anyone can feed the fusion module with the material to be treated, which operates automatically. The waste to be treated does not necessarily require selectivity – at first, everything can be processed: organic matter, iron, metals, and even sand


Types of waste

  • Medical/Drugs/Sharpies 
  • Municipal and Urban Waste 
  • Industrial 
  • Pesticides and their containers 
  • Biomass 
  • Animal 
  • Housing
  • Coal 
  • Ashes from incinerators 
  • Sewageaste
  • types that vorax can process:
  • Galvanic sludge 
  • Organic sludge from petrochemical Materials with low radioactivity 
  • Used oils
  • Batteries
  • Tires 
  • Waste of explosive material 
  • Hazardous
  • industrial waste
  • Plastics (no restrictions)

 Vorax Benefits

  •  Easy transportation 
  • Easy setup 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • State of Art Technology
  • Easy Startup 
  • Automatic operation 
  • Internet operation
  •  Reliability 
  • Very Low Energy consumption 
  • Low noise 
  • All types of waste 
  • Volume reduction
  •  Mass reduction 
  • Waste inertization 
  • Absence of Liquid pollutants 
  • Reduced gases exhaust 
  • No Ash production 
  • No Dioxins & furans 
  • Helpful subproducts
  • Energy cogeneration 
  • Energy efficiency
  •  Low Labor
  • Result after consumption