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HYVIA views strong partnerships as the way to advance the hydrogen mobility industry

HYVIA has announced it will bring together a hundred hydrogen industry players committed to the adoption of zero-emission transport to take stock of its hydrogen ecosystem.

From October 2-12, HYVIA will host pioneers in the hydrogen sector that are still in development stages to utilise its ecosystem that the company has built for over two years.

Relying on its two founding groups, Renault Group and Plug Power, HYVIA has manufactured hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles (LCVs), refuelling applications, fuel cells and low carbon hydrogen electrolysis, and financing solutions for professionals.

David Holderbach, HYVIA’s CEO, said, “The hydrogen sector is effervescent but still emerging, still torn by the dynamics of the chicken and the egg. HYVIA’s team of pioneers has been taking on great challenges every day for more than two years.

“It is a human, technological and industrial adventure, alongside Renault Group and Plug, as well as all our partners to invent together the hydrogen mobility of tomorrow.”

Holderbach spoke during H2 View’s Mobility Pillar Special Webinar in June (2023) and claimed industry players “need to educate and communicate” in order to change the perspective on hydrogen mobility.

He added, “When you drive diesel, there’s energy in the tank and when you have battery it’s the same situation. It’s exactly the same for hydrogen.”

HYVIA has strong partnerships with other zero-emission automotive companies, being integrated into the Important Project of Common Interest (IPCEI) “Hy2Tech”, where it relies on a team of 130 pioneers that have initiated a commercial, after-sales, engineering, and industrial dynamic, with solid partners and created a network between hydrogen mobility players.

HYVIA is set to announce a new partnership with Atawey, a leading player in hydrogen refuelling stations, aiming to create a new offering dubbed HYWELLTM. The company is also strengthening its collaboration with HYSETCO.

Julien Etienne, CCO of HYVIA, said, “Our offer is already a reality in the most mature countries: France, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Other countries will follow with the future development of the hydrogen sector and our commercial dynamics.”


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