Lhyfe, Exogen team up to tackle industrial

Lhyfe, Exogen team up to tackle industrial steam and district heating with green hydrogen

Lhyfe has partnered with UK-based Exogen Hydrogen Solutions to decarbonise industrial stream, district heating and mobility applications with green hydrogen. Under a freshly inked Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Lhyfe’s green hydrogen is planned to power Exogen’s hydrogen steam plants featuring boiler technology from Jericho Energy Ventures.

Exogen’s HSP 300 steam plant is pegged to offer zero-emissions steam for industrial and district heating applications. With Sofinter Group set to produce and service the plants, which are pre-assembled in container-sized units, they have no smokestacks and are said to eliminate all NOx and carbon dioxide from industrial steam and district heating.

The two companies have said they will identify potential customers across Europe, with prospective customers in industrial sectors including pulp and paper, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and oil and gas, all with high steam demand.

Additionally, large buildings thermal applications such as airports, hospitals, commercial centres and campus heating facilities could all be in Lhyfe and Exogen’s sights, while the pair will also look at potentially supplying green hydrogen to mobility applications.

“The Exogen Hydrogen Steam Plant is a great solution for many businesses because it will permanently eliminate CO2 and NOx emissions from their incumbent production process,” said Saverio Costanzo, Chief Revenue Officer at Exogen.

He continued, “In our mission to decarbonise energy applications, Lhyfe is an ideal partner; together we can serve customers across Europe with comprehensive solutions.”

Having inaugurated a green hydrogen production site in 2021, Lhyfe has five sites under construction in Europe, with plans to reach 55MW of installed capacity by the end of 2024, 200MW by the end of 2026 and over 3GW by the end of the decade.

It is hoped that in addition to offering emissions free heating, the partnership could lead to a significant capacity growth in Lhyfe’s green hydrogen project pipeline.

“Green hydrogen has become highly relevant for decarbonising industrial team, district heating and logistics,” noted Phillippe Desorme, Vice-President of Sales & Business Development at Lhyfe. “By partnering with Exogen, we expect a significant expansion of our green hydrogen production output over time, while also opening a completely new market segment for us.”


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