Enterprise Management


Security & Compliance

Get access to service specific management interfaces in order to be advanced of compliance features. Our experts combines a variety of tools and solutions to secure your company internal environment as tightly as your perimeter and ensure continuous regulatory compliance and security.

        • Encryption at rest

        • Single sign-on

        • Audit rights

        • Allowlist IP

Enterprise Administration & Storage

It’s out o great importance the enterprise storage which has evolved past direct – attached storage, reliable backup and restoration as well as centralized administration and remote support. Our experts analyze the complexity of managing storage and upgrade data center infrastructure. Our experts helps entrepreneur to manage and optimize complex enterprise data storage environments.

        • Data storage per user

        • Preview sandbox

        • Custom refresh sandbox


Our Team adopts a context of international marketing skills in order to address a country – tailoring or customer - tailoring product strategy which focuses on cross – border differences and needs achieving new target groups, appropriately changing products in order for them to match local market conditions. Driven by market orientation aims to increase customer satisfaction and entrepreneur optimization.

        • Branding

        • Terminology

        • Proofing viewer

        • Proofing email branding


Be inspired of various management techniques that enlighten a sense of unity and teamwork. Combine your strengthen, efficiency and productivity.


  • Set worker objectives

  • Monitor progress

  • Evaluating performance

  • Unlimited requestors

  • Unlimited work reviewers

  • Unlimited reporting viewers


Education & Support

Boost your employees to enhance their skills under our experts qualified team

      • Access to LMS

      • Support level

      • Allotted authorized support contacts

      • Initial response time