Work Management

Get advantage from the experience of the executive team of our company in designing your next project. Any difficulties can be turn out to great challenges among our experts advising and programming of project cash flow obligations.

Project Management

Each project has a life circle. Get it to dynamic interactive challenge to receive the whole benefits can be earned. We offer:

  • Planning and assigning work
  • We create the project templates
  • We programming your portfolio

Demand Management

With the use of innovative methodology we forecast, planning and manage the demands for your products and services. Using micro-levels as in economics or micro-level within individual organizations we hedging the market risk, the interest rates in order to regulate your financial demands. Get benefit of the reflection of policies in the market as well as competition and affect the behavior of your company.

  • Elements of systems dynamics

  • Market behavior analysis

  • Demand control

  • Time fences

  • Information technology

  • Request queues with auto routing

  • Customize forms and logic

Strategic Portfolio Planning

Our target for our clients is high market share and high market growth. Maintaining velocity for the best value. Deliver the right work - RIGHT

  • Portfolio optimizer

  • Selecting for value

  • Assess

  • Trade of analysis – backlog

  • Monitoring – Retrospective

  • Mission, objectives, strategies

  • Managing resource capability

  • Managing dependencies

  • Sequencing projects

  • Resource allocation

  • Project prioritization

  • Performance traking

Resource Management

Our team of executives offers the efficient and effective development of your organization resources. With the realm of processes, techniques and philosophies we have the best approach for resource allocation. Be part to the key element of resource estimating and project human resource management.

  • Software tools

  • Atomization – assistance of resource allocation

  • Organizing the human resources

  • Al- enabled team scheduling

  • Al- enabled department scheduling

  • Resource scheduling

Review and Approve

Don’t waste your time in review and approval process. Leave your biggest barrier of preparation to our team of experts. As an asset winds its way ensure your stakeholders that the difficult and complicated part of your project runs through experts and valuate efficient your time.

      • Document review & commen

      • Ad hoc approvals

      • Premium digital proofing - review, annotate, & approve over 150 file types

      • Interactive media review

      • auto compare

      • Interactive website review

      • Desktop proofing viewer

      • Approval workflows

      • Unlimited proofs


Meaning, object and essentials. Reporting aims at informing project driver for the different aspects of business in order to make the better – informed decisions. Be part to the best executive team that provide the means of checking the performance, reviewing certain matter with its merits and demerits and offering comments, furnishing data at regular intervals in standardized forms for the best planning and control. Secure understanding and approval of the judgment by the experts engaged in various aspects of work of enterprise with efficiency, morality and motivation.

Essentials for a good reporting system with effective tool for efficient managerial decision making:

  • Proper form

  • Proper time

  • Proper flow informations

  • Flexibility

  • Facilitation of evaluation

  • Economy

Managerial tools

      • Dashboards

      • Unlimited project, task, hour, issue, user and timesheet reports

      • Unlimited custom reporting for over 50 workflow elements

      • Utilization report