Elena Margariti

  • Elena Margariti is founding partner of Proeuropean Trading GmbH and headed as Chief Executive Officer.
  • Partnership in implementation of hydrogen production projects in Crete Greece and in Munich Germany
  • She specializes in bulding of corporate strategy.
  • Financial adviser and Development consultant of dozens of companies in the field of the construction industry and tourism, as well as public projects in the field of construction..
  • 30 years’ experience in corporate taxation planning & taxation laws
  • Chairman and CEO of corporate services companies in Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria & Romania
  • Advisor and Consultant to a number of public private partnerships in construction and defence, including Breda Ferroviarie, Agusta, Oto Melara of Efim Group, subsidiaries of the Finmeccanica Group; chiefly companies that are active in the field of land and air transportation systems and defence systems
  • B.Sc. Economics – London School of Economics (LSE)
  • M.Sc. – Business Administration and Human Resource Management