Hellenic Mediterranean University

Institute of Energy, Environment and Climate Change (IEECC) is a public research body founded in 2019 by the Hellenic Mediterranean University. It is comprised of two (2) departments, namely the Department of Energy and the Department of Environment, which aim to promote energy transition towards climate neutrality through research and development at National and European level.
IEECC is a thriving research community with an expert faculty of 35 members and 10 administrative/technical staff. The institutional mission of the IEECC is to contact contemporary research using a high-level research infrastructure to the economic, social, and cultural benefit of the Society. It strives for excellence in world-class research, achieving to retrieve more than 4 million Euros of funding, thus strengthening the role of Crete as a research pole. Its activities are in line with the objective set by the Region of Crete Authority (Regional Program of Crete) to promote the Island as a region of excellence in Research and Technological Development in the Southeastern Europe and Mediterranean area.
More precisely, the Department of Energy focuses on the following areas:
• Simulation of power systems and electricity grids with increased RES share.
• Stability assessment of weak and/or island power systems
• Feasibility studies and modeling of hybrid power plants and electricity storage systems
• Electricity markets analysis
• Embedding EVs into the grid.
• Modeling and optimal dimensioning of smart grids.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will support ProEuropean in the H2Crete Project as a Technical Advisor in terms of GHG emissions avoidance and power grid connection.