Alexandra Stoyanova (3)

Alexandra Stoyanova

Alexandra is the Chief Assistant to the CEO of Proeuropean Trading GmbH for the past 3 years, with 16 years of experience in Law and Business Administration. Her responsibilities include agendas handling, meetings and events organization, traveling and accommodation arrangements also supports the company’s clients. Alexandra is graduated from the South-West University in Blagoevgrad, with a Master’s degree in Law and Public Administration, specialized in secretarial support in Business Administration, she has excellent knowledge in the field of law, excellent computer handling and of widely used packages. She is fluent in English and Bulgarian.

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Efthalia Psilaki Paragyri

Efthalia working as secretary in Proeuropean Trading GmbH. Efthalia has significant experience as an administration expert.Her responsibilities are connected with the office maintenance providing high quality of work .She is fluent in German Greek and English language. . Self- employed with her own accounting office since 2009 in Munich and Dachau. Counselling centre manager for United Income Tax Aide.V. since 2012 in Munich and Dachau

Lyubima Zahova (2)

Lyubima Zahova

Lyubima works in Proeuropean Trading GmbH as a Consultant . Is a Certified Management Accountant and Financial Planner with an Economist graduate from the South-West University in Blagoevgrad, with a Master’s degree in Public Administration and management. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Bulgarian languages. She has Long Experienced over 16 years and over 3 years in Pro European Trading GmbH in: Debits, Credits, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Journal Entries, Banking, Budgeting, Auditing, Tax Accounting. She has participated in multiple project among different business sectors in area of strategic Planning and execution. She is skilled in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Suite, accounting and manufacturing software, QuickBooks, SAP. Familiar with government regulations and ensuring that the organization is always in compliance with these regulations. Soft Skilled in Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, Time Management, Organization and Leadership.

Maria Andreeva (1)

Maria Andreeva

Maria is an Accountant in Proeuropean Trading GmbH with an educational background in economics as well as in financing. She has been working as an accountant for more than 16 years and she is currently working to Pro European Trading GmbH for the past 3 years. Her work focused on the detailed examination of specific accounting and financial cases. She holds  a master degree in Economics and Financings from the South-western university “Neofit Rilski” in Blagoevgrad. She is fluent in English German and Bulgarian.

Nadya Borinarova (1)

Nadya Borinarova

Nadya works in Pro European Trading GmbH, as an analyst for the past 3 years, performing research, analyzing data. Nadya has developed excellent organizational, analytical and multi-tasking skills, she can work easily as a team member. She is very familiar with corporate finance and market analysis and demonstrates great problem-solving skills. Her university degree is Master from SWU Neophit Rilski, majoring in Accounting and Financial Management and professional qualification, specializing in financial analysis and risk management. She entered the management consulting field at Pro European Trading GmbH at Energy and Infrastructure Business Unit as Analyst and since then she has been involved in several projects. She is fluent in English and Bulgarian.

Snejana Lazarova (1)

Snejana Gerasimova Lazarova

Snejana holds the position of Consultant for the past 3 years and she has 17 years total experience in the area of Banking and Financing. She is highly organized and due to her professional experience has developed problem solving and team management skills and she is responsible for handling the company’s cases with public authorities, banks, etc. She holds master degree from SWU Neophyt Rilski, majoring in Accounting and control and professional qualification – Teacher of economic subjects. She has participated in multiple projects among different business sectors, in the areas of Strategic Planning and Execution. She is fluent in Russian, Bulgarian and English.


David J. Nagel

He is an internationally renowned researcher, expert and thought leader on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed papers on LENR, mostly in the refereed Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, plus another 20 papers for Infinite Energy magazine. He has presented over 100 talks on LENR.
In 2015, he set up the LENR Energy and Spectroscopy Laboratory at George Washington University where his research now centres on spectroscopy of electrochemical LENR experiments.
He is lead scientist at the GWU LENR Energy and Spectroscopy Laboratory and managed a team of senior GWU scientists developing advanced solar cells at the NRL.

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Kantor S.A.

Kantor is an independent management consulting firm with well over 2000 successfully delivered projects, spanning over 30 years of presence in the international markets.  Kantor focus on guiding our clients through today’s most intricate challenges, unlocking their potential and achieving measurable results.

Kantor is an international boutique consulting firm, with a presence in many European countries and an exceptional team of hands-on senior staff and carefully selected professionals, with an extensive and proven global expertise in multiple sectors and markets, including energy, oil and gas, utilities and financial affairs, offering services to governments, authorities and other institutional organisations, corporate clients and NGOs.

Kantor’s international operations are directed from our headquarters in Athens as well as our permanent office in Brussels, with project offices in other geographies, according to project needs.
Kantor will support ProEuropean in the H2Crete Project as a Financial Advisor providing services in terms of
• Project business planning
• Financial modelling
• Project monitoring


Dr. Hazri Bakhtiar

Prof. Dr. Hazri Bakhtiar is one of the leading experts in the field of applied optics, including optoelectronic devices, laser application & fibre optic technology, microelectronics, radiation & hardness studies.
He holds both a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Pure Physics, as well as a PhD in Microelectronics and Physics of Particles & Plasma from the university of Metz in France. For the past twenty years, Prof. Bakhtiar has served as Director of the Laser Center, Associate Professor and Lecturer in Physics at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Johor Bahru with over 115 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
The underlying studies undertaken by Prof. Bakhtiar and his research team are key contributing factors in the 9-fold efficiency gains ProEuropean’s technology has achieved compared to traditional hydrogen electrolysis.