Project Management

Rina S.A.

RINA with more than 5,300 people around the world, has committed to simplify complexities with a focus on energy transition, ESG and digitalization. RINA specialises in testing, inspection, certification and engineering solutions across a wide range of markets. Improving the quality of life and building sustainable values for future generations is company’s ultimate purpose.
Ship classification has been at the core of RINA’s business since its inception and today it makes it one of the top-ranking marine classification societies in the world. Over time, it progressively extended its services and expanded its range of operational sectors.
Additionally, RINA’s business & focus areas include: Certification, Energy, Industry, Real Estate, Transport & Infrastructure, R & D, Defence, Environment, Human Capital and Renewables.
RINA will support ProEuropean in the H2Crete Project as a Project Management Advisor providing services in terms of
• Project implementation plan and monitoring
• Project organisation
• Operational risks and proposed mitigation measures update
• Work plan monitoring