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The Region of Crete participated in the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels.

The European Hydrogen Week 2023, held in Brussels, emphasizes the role of hydrogen in the energy transition. This year’s event is a collaboration between Hydrogen Europe, the European Commission, and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. As the world strives to achieve the Paris Agreement goals, hydrogen technologies are playing an increasingly vital role. The focus is on facilitating discussions, exchanging knowledge, and exploring new advancements in the hydrogen sector.

The Region of Crete has been closely following the rapid developments in the utilization of Hydrogen as an alternative fuel for many years, and as a result of this long-term effort, it is participating as a “partner” in two major projects: Grave and H2 Crete Hydrogen Valley. These projects have already started with formal preparatory actions and will soon move to more practical measures, aiming to eventually produce hydrogen for the first time on the island.

“There are obviously many technical and legislative difficulties, but the need to utilize clean and green Hydrogen as a dominant alternative fuel and energy source on our island will overcome these obstacles,” emphasized Giorgos Alexakis, Regional Councillor of Crete and Special Advisor on European and International Affairs. “From our international contacts here at the Hydrogen Exhibition, I am impressed that many want to invest in Crete for Hydrogen,” noted Lefteris Kopasis, Regional Councillor of Crete, who also attended the presentation of the ProEuropean project named H2 Crete Hydrogen Valley.

The Cretan delegation consists of Giorgos Alexakis and Lefteris Kopasis, Regional Councillors, and the administrative factors Aris Stratakis and Andreas Pantelous, who participate and monitor the proceedings of the meetings, conducting bilateral contacts with politicians, scientists, businessmen, consultants, and investors.

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