What is VORAX?

VORAX is a scientific breakthrough in the treatment of nearly all types of waste such as MSW/Urban, Medical/Hazardous, Plastics, Industrial, Pasty/Sludge, Liquid, Tires. There are 12 different models of Vorax which have capacities ranging from 2 Tons of Waste per day to our largest model which can treat 400 Tons of Waste per day, solving the global landfill problem.

Models from 22T/day and up also have steam power generation packages available to create electricity, demonstrating VORAX’s Waste to Energy capability.

VORAX is in a technological classification of its own after more than 10 years of R&D from a brilliant team of scientists and in the invention of DuoTherm technology which puts VORAX ahead of plasma, incineration, gasification, and also traditional pyrolysis.

VORAX is thought of as a quantum leap over traditional Pyrolysis in part because two thermal processes, one at 900 °C and the other at 1600 °C, forming a thermal gradient, liquifying all solids completely, even inert materials such as sand or iron.

VORAX completely destroys the garbage effectively and safely, without combustion or an auxiliary equipment. VORAX requires no combustion of waste and disintegrates as a whole, completely destroying infectious, pathological and organochlorined materials.